You worked hard for referral doctor relationships. It’s about time you took control.
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ViaVisit allows referral doctors that you choose to book into slots in your schedule reserved specifically for them. ViaVisit does this seamlessly at the referral doctor's office where the patient leaves your referral doctor with an actual date and time of the appointment with you. You don't need to make any extra calls and you find out about the booking the minute it i made. ViaVisit does this without having to upset your regular schedule template and takes minutes to setup. It's that simple!

Step 1

We work with you to identify your referral doctors and the number and times of the appointments you reserve for them. Most of our doctors reserve "add-on" appointments for their trusted referrers but you can use regular appointment slots- your choice!

Step 3

When the patient is in the referral doctors office either the referral doctor or his or her front desk staff simply gets onto this web-based calendar and makes the appointment. The patient walks out with an actual appointment and a confirmation sheet that includes any information you want to give them such as a pre-visit information form or even directions to your office.

Step 2

We then make a secure, password protected calendar that is completely web-based that can be accessed by your referral doctor any time and at any of his or her locations.